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It’s imperative that all Citizens, able-bodied or not, unite in support of each other as members of Light against darkness. By any label, specially "Militia," the mere size of membership will likely intimidate the power structure enough to peacefully discourage corruption and motivate government officials under the constitutional restraints agreed to by their Oath of Office. Your state needs you now!

WHY NOW?  Some say without immediate action our guns and the reason for them will be irreversibly lost. While that may be so, countless dark events leading to the global financial reset, 93% world population reduction, and the New World Order – have forced humanity into a final battle between Good and Evil. For most, this battle does not involve physical weapons. It’s a battle of consciousness that seeks the active participation of every living soul.

The free state should be important to everyone. Under the umbrella of free choice, political ideals are realized not by democratic rule but through a free market. There are feasible markets for any political persuasion, from various degrees of socialism to Marxism; each bound by contract instead of empty promises. A free state is a nation without political division or the need for political compromise, it is a moral society rich in ideas, prosperity, culture, and domestic Tranquility.

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For states with an established constitutional militia and URL, we request an email containing your 1) State Name, and 2) URL.

For states with no URL we request an email containing your 1) State Name, 2) Name of the state constitutional militia, and 3) Contact Email Address for use by state residents.

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  Email:     staff @ ucmilitia.us  

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